Dave Dotterrer for Jackson County Commissioner

A Critical Time — COVID-19

“My #1 priority is to see Southern Oregon recover and even thrive after this pandemic. We must have a healthier community and a strengthened economy as soon as possible.” —Dave Dotterrer

We are living in a critical time of uncertainty. It is vital Jackson County continue to effectively coordinate our community’s response to the COVID-19 crisis by partnering with other government entities, the private sector, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations. With proper direction, we can properly aid recovery and thoroughly analyze and make adjustments for the future.

Dave is Prepared

Dave is Chair of Rogue Valley Community Organizations Active in Disaster (RV COAD)—an organization made up of local nonprofits and faith-based groups. Their website is a one-stop-shop for people and organizations to offer and receive resources or get help.

“This organization is crucial because we have people in our community who have definite needs and the question is, ‘Okay so how do I make those needs known?’ Sometimes people don’t know who or how to make contact.” —Dave Dotterrer

Organizations involved with RV COAD include social service agencies such as American Red Cross, Salvation Army, ACCESS, United Way, and Goodwill. It also includes faith-based organizations such as the LDS church.

Dave’s background in strategic and operational planning has prepared him well for leading in times of disaster. Preparation for the next crisis is essential for protecting our community.

This pandemic has had a significant impact on the economy in such a short period of time. Small businesses are the “engine” that will get the economy back on track and create jobs for Southern Oregonians.

“It’s important we provide the environment and incentives necessary to allow small business to flourish in Southern Oregon. I will serve to protect our free enterprise system and see that it thrives.” —Dave Dotterrer

Preserving the Future — Public Safety

Dave is a retired Marine of 27 years, with a deep understanding of the priority of public safety.

He served in Seoul, Korea making important and difficult decisions to ensure peace for the country’s wonderful people. In the Pentagon, he strategized and navigated tremendously challenging situations on a daily basis. His leadership and expertise in protecting our nation on a macro level more than qualify him to sensibly lead Jackson County. With a lifetime of service to our nation, he believes it is his duty to represent, serve, and defend Jackson County.

“Safety is a basic need for any community to flourish. We can make it an even better place by thoughtfully addressing the problems facing our community.”

Dave believes one area of great concern is our region’s homeless and transient crisis. We need to do a better job of interconnecting homelessness, mental health, and public safety. Dave is prepared to take action to help address this problem and see our community heal and prosper.

“This is a great valley and I believe we can make life even better moving forward.” —Dave Dotterrer

More Important Now than Ever — Fiscal Responsibility

Dave is prudent in his approach to budget management with decades of experience managing multi-million-dollar budgets in the Marines, as well as working alongside Dennis Richardson when he was co-chair of the budget committee at the state capitol. Locally, he has employed creative solutions to put the Logos charter school in a strong financial position. He is a strong proponent of fiscal responsibility.

Dave Dotterrer
Dave Dotterrer for Jackson County Commissioner.
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