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Letters to the Editor

Supporting Dotterrer

I have worked with Dave Dotterrer on education issues for several years. I find him to be thoughtful, caring, principled, transparent and capable.

He understands tactical action and strategic thinking. He is an excellent role model for students. I also believe he has the internal fortitude to provide appropriate support for our law enforcement officers.

Dave has my endorsement for Jackson County Commissioner.

Jim Horner, Director, Medford School District
Jacksonville, OR

Dotterrer has the Experience

We are fortunate in Jackson County to have good people with deep Oregon roots running for Jackson County Commissioner. The crucial difference is Dave Dotterrer’s breadth and depth of experience. He has experience negotiating with diverse high-level officials and politicians, complex multi-million dollar federal and state budgets that dwarf that of the county in amount and complexity. Dave served on the Ashland City Planning Commission and YMCA Board of Directors. He is chairman of a charter school board, so he has been directly involved in how to proceed in the face of COVID-19. He chaired the committee to coordinate disaster responders in Jackson County, which as KDRV recognized during a September 14 news report has been active connecting those in need with volunteers looking to help in the wildfire crises.

All this and more make him the stronger of candidates for County Commissioner.

Don Paul

Southern Oregon Rarely Sees a Candidate Like Dotterrer

Who better for County Commissioner than someone whose experience includes high-level Washington assignments as assistant to the Secretary of the Navy that required diplomatic and negotiating skills. Who better than the chairman of a Medford charter school and past member of the Ashland City Planning Commission, and membership on the Ashland YMCA Board of Directors? Who able to understand the County budget than someone once responsible for developing the US Marine Corps budget, administering the multi-million dollar Marine Barracks budget, and experience working for the Oregon legislature on the state budget? And all this experience and ability is found in a single County Commission candidate, Dave Dotterrer.

Tiny Robertson

Dotterrer has the Technical Knowledge Jackson County Needs

The issues that come before County Commissioners are not reducible to black and white with simple obvious solutions. Rather, they require listening and understanding many voices to identify all aspects of issues and the full range of possible solutions followed by researching and discussing probable costs, effectiveness, and impact on men and women, children and adults, employed and unemployed, the environment and climate, and often unexpected events such as the pandemic as well. That requires broad life experiences that Dave Dotterrer would bring to the County Commission.

Robin Lee

Dotterrer’s Military Background is a Plus

Let me tell you a bit about Dave Dotterrer that suggests how he would approach the responsibilities of a Jackson County Commissioner. Not only did he reach the rank of colonel in the US Marines, but he was chosen from among all the available officers as the Military Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy. After retiring he served three terms on the Ashland Planning Commission, chaired the Jackson County Veterans Advisory Committee, was president of his Rotary Club, and worked about ten years on the Toys for Tots campaign. He was a budget analyst for the Oregon Legislature. He now serves on the Ashland YMCA Board of Directors and Chairs both the Rogue Valley Community Organizations Active in Disaster and Logos Public Charter School Board. That record of success across a substantial number of very different responsibilities suggests that he is the best candidate for Jackson County Commissioner.

John Howard

No One is More Prepared to Serve on the Commission than Dotterrer

Name an issue likely to come before Jackson County Commissioners and Dave Dotterrer probably can point to something in his experience that prepares him to contribute to finding a solution. Three terms on Ashland’s Planning Commission has prepared him to navigate land use issues. Working for the Oregon Legislature’s Budget Committee has prepared him to fully understand government budgets. Chairing Rogue Valley Community Organizations Active in Disaster has prepared him to work with first responders and volunteers in a disaster. Experience as a Rotary president suggests he can understand and relate to individual crises and understand the importance of creating and sustaining an environment in which small businesses can adapt to changing circumstances. As a schoolboard chairman, he is directly responsible for safely opening school. Vote Dave Dotterrer, someone who has a clear record of success in devising successful collaborative solutions to problems in a timely manner, for County Commissioner.

Bob Fisher

Semper Fi – Dotterrer is an Officer and a Gentleman and Who We Need

As a Marine colonel assigned as the Military Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy in the Department of Defense, Dave Dotterrer worked collegially with the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Department of State, defense contractors, and others. Rather than trying to impose some ideology, he proved to be a team player often in difficult and uncertain circumstances on problems with no clearly correct response who worked collaboratively with others to find practical solutions to serious complex problems. We all can benefit from his skill and knowledge in dealing with complex problems and coordinating responses across multiple government entities, the private sector, and nonprofits by electing Dave Dotterrer as County Commissioner.

Kevin McDermott

Dotterrer has Extensive Federal, State, and Local Government Experience

Jackson County Commissioner candidate Dave Dotterrer, based on his high-level experience working in federal, state, and local government, is fully cognizant of the many functions involved in county government. He knows the need to work collaboratively with staff, and to seek out and listen to involved citizens who are directly impacted by the decisions made by the commissioners. His record and his multiple roles prove that he has the ability to fully consider situations and issues, assess possible solutions for costs, benefits, and foreseeable intended and unintended consequences, then work with the other commissioners to select the best possible approach to resolving problems.

Val Smullen

It's About People, Not Politics and Dotterrer Know the Difference

In campaigning for Jackson County Commissioner Dave Dotterrer also is preparing to hit the ground running by meeting many different county staff members. He is clear-headed, reasonable, open-minded, and has proven successful in several very different leadership roles with many different requirements. He is well-versed in the tools of conflict resolution necessary to develop widely agreed policies through methods such as accommodation, compromise, reframing, and tradeoffs achieved through negotiation. Jackson County will be fortunate if the voters select Dave Dotterrer as a County Commissioner.

Russ Chadick

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson Trusted Dotterrer’s Judgment

With local, county, and state tax revenues falling precipitously, one thing to look for in candidates for office at all levels is a clear record of fiscal propriety. Not just a theoretical one consisting of a lot of promises but an actual record in managing public funds. Of the candidates for Jackson County Commissioner, one who fully meets that requirement is Dave Dotterrer. He has experience managing government funds both at the federal level while commander of the US Marine Barracks (which has a multi-million dollar budget), at the state level working alongside Dennis Richardson when Dennis was co-chair of Oregon legislature’s budget committee, and at the local level when as a charter school board chairman he put the Logos charter school in a strong financial position and served three terms on the Ashland Planning Commission. Dave Dotterrer is a proven champion of fiscal responsibility.

David Churchman

Dotterrer is the Leader We Need

In talking with others about local politics, I often encounter a feeling that Ashland has not been well-represented at the county level. We can change that by making sure Dave Dotterrer is elected to the Jackson County Commission this November. Not only is he a long-time Ashland resident, but based on his extensive involvement in local governmental and non-governmental groups throughout the valley regardless of their political views. Rather than drive people apart, his leadership will bring people together to the benefit of all.

Ken Fawcett